So I decided to switch places and finally get in front of the camera to get some great outfit pics with the amazing street style photographer thecityguise.(outfit details below). Every day I put on an outfit and think i really need a cool picture like all these instagram girls, but I just never seem to have the right background or a full-time photographer on call at all hours so I had to book in a shoot.

Here’s a few tips from Jessamin on how to get the perfect street style image…

What got you into photography and your love for street style?

I used to draw people and that developed into photographing them. It has always been portraiture which has inspired me the most.
My street style project ‘The City Guise’  started whilst I was working on cruise ships, I began to photograph local people in the cities I traveled to. Since moving on from working on ships, I continue my street photography in London.



What’s been your best experience so far?

I recently took a trip to New York during NYFW, I went by myself and focused on my street style work, that was a great highlight from this project so far.

What’s most important for a good insta outfit pic?

Make sure the outfit stands out, and that it is not being lost in the background, think carefully about your background and your composition. Be patient too, wait for be to move from the background if you don’t want them there.

Do you have any tips on apps or editing for on your phone?

Keep it simple, I don’t edit on my mobile as I use photoshop, but there are simple apps out there. However Insta has most of what you need, you might what to add in a bit of brightness & contrast  if you have taken your image on your phone. One of the the most important things is cropping and straightening your image before you upload, both you can do simply in Instagram. If you are editing photographs on a computer for a blog you can get simple programs such as ‘Gimp’. If you have professional images taken you can always pay a retoucher to work on your favorite images.

Where can we expect to see you and your camera of a weekend?

Greenwich is one of my favorite places to hang out on the weekend, either there or somewhere near the river. For photographing street style I start somewhere like Brick Lane, Shoreditch or Soho, the key is taking your camera with you everywhere and seeing who you meet!


[intro]Get the look

Top: Zara

Jeans: Asos

Bag: Rae Feather

Shoes: Daisy Street[/intro]